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Debbie's Blog How to Sell Your Home Quicker and Faster Than Ever Deciding to sell your home is a cause for celebration. And closing the deal faster is even better. But how do you further expedite the sales process when the market seems to be dragging? It is possible. Here are some tips to help your home sell quicker and faster than ever, courtesy of Windermere Real […]
Debbie's Blog How to Avoid Buying a Lemon and Negotiate a Fair Price for a Home Every homebuyer’s biggest fear is buying a lemon. A few minor issues are normal when buying a home, but if major problems aren’t noticed until after the sale is closed, homebuyers are on the hook for thousands of dollars in repairs—thousands of dollars they probably don’t have. If you’re in the market for a home, […]
Debbie's Blog The Benefits of Downsizing: Tips and Resources to Help You Get Started At one time, you may have wanted a large home with plenty of space and modern conveniences, but as time has marched on, you now recognize the ease of living that a smaller home could bring. Downsizing before retirement allows for a simpler lifestyle and eliminates the expense that comes with owning a larger home. […]
Debbie's Blog Moving Closer to Your Senior Loved One? Read This First Becoming a family caregiver is a big decision, especially when moving to a different city or state. However, if your senior loved one needs more attention and care, then you want someone who knows them well and loves them dearly—like you! Along with preparing for the new challenges and rewards that will come as a […]
Debbie's Blog Luxurious 5-Bedroom, 6-Bath Home w/Beautiful Views of Puget Sound, Olympic Mountains & More in University Place Brimming with an impressive list of amazing features, details and amenities, this premium home in University Place is truly the epitome of luxury living. Located at 3314 Soundview Dr W, University Place, WA 98466, this vacation-worthy home provides breathtaking views of the Puget Sound, Olympic mountain range and Fox Island. With a generous 5 bedrooms […]
Debbie's Blog “Top of Tacoma Bar & Café” a Unique neighborhood bar This bar is located in a neighborhood you may not think to go to.  When driving by, it looks like your typical neighborhood bar.  When you walk in, it looks like your typical neighborhood bar.  However, when you look at the menu, it's NOT your typical neighborhood bar.  When you taste their food, you'll know NOT […]
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