Debbie's Blog May 4, 2022

How to Sell Your Home Quicker and Faster Than Ever

Deciding to sell your home is a cause for celebration. And closing the deal faster is even better. But how do you further expedite the sales process when the market seems to be dragging? It is possible. Here are some tips to help your home sell quicker and faster than ever, courtesy of Windermere Real Estate.

Focus on the exterior

One of the first things that catch a potential home buyer’s eye is your property’s exterior more than anything else. Also known as curb appeal, this is the initial impression someone has of your house from the curb even before they get the chance to step into your home.

Therefore, to create the best first impression possible, it may be a good idea to concentrate your revamping efforts on the exterior of your home before everything else to ensure that potential home buyers don’t pass you by.

Why your front yard matters

According to research, many potential homebuyers say that a well-maintained garden is a significant deciding factor in their purchasing decision. In fact, one could even go so far as to say that curb appeal could even make or break the deal – that’s how important it is.

But maintaining a well-kept garden and keeping it immaculate at all times can be challenging to do if you don’t have the know-how. This is where you should enlist a landscaper’s help to help your garden look the best it can be. Professional landscapers will know what type of greenery will look best in your garden. And which styles will suit the theme and overall look of your home.

They will also have the background knowledge and design skills to make plants, flowers, and shrubbery look like they were meant to be there. And to make it look complimentary to the look you envision for your home, taking into account what’s popular or trending to encourage buyers to want to see more.

Freelance or agency?

Choosing the right landscapers to work with is vital to ensure you make the most of every penny while still getting the professional look you’re after. Freelance designers are a great option here, as they often provide more flexibility concerning what you want and are open to incorporating your ideas with their own to make your landscape look one-of-a-kind as opposed to run-of-the-mill. And in turn, it can boost your chances of getting your house noticed even more.

Make your home shine

After tending to your garden and making sure it’s in tip-top shape, the next thing you want to do is focus on making your home shine. That could mean adding a fresh coat of paint to your front entrance, fixing up loose gutters, and making sure your roof looks good by repairing any loose or broken roof tiles.

This could even go on to include giving your windows and window panes a good scrub and even a free coat of paint also. Or perhaps your fencing needs a bit of refurbishment, or your storage areas need a complete overhaul. What matters most here is paying attention to areas that are an eyesore, which can negatively deter buyers and sway their decision to purchase.

Inside, you can try out peel and stick wallpaper to look for rooms that need to catch the eye. This will freshen up rooms without the mess of repainting. What’s more, you can swap out designs and colors since these options don’t use strong adhesives.

Hard work pays off

At the end of the day, if you’ve made an effort to enhance your home’s curb appeal, your hard work is sure to pay off in a profitable sense. But you’re also likely to land a sale quicker too if that’s your aim.


Once you’ve got your home ready to sell, contact Debbie Wise to begin marketing your property.